Smart Health Club: The All-in-One App for Health Clubs

Smart Health Club: The All-in-One App for Health Clubs

Consider your Health Club as a shopping mall. Yes, give your imagination some workout today.

You enter one store inside that mall to buy something (window shopping, alright!), and they ask you to download an app to be able to shop. Nice. The application is technology. It makes your shopping experience seamless, less time-consuming, and more fun.

Sure! Why not!

But what happens if every store inside that mall asks you to download its own branded application? That’s insane, isn’t it? This is actually detrimental to the whole concept of adapting technology for a smoother experience!

That is exactly how your member might be feeling right now. That’s because even you are using multiple apps for different operations at your Health Club. Yes. This is the hard truth.

Why can’t all these stores use one application?

The mall is your Health Club. The individual shops are your services and offerings. And the shopper is your Health Club Member.

Getting a hang of the picture now?

Let’s dive deep into that then.

Have you ever heard of the ‘First Principles’ approach?

Break down every problem until you cannot break it down further. Simple!

What are the first principles of running a successful Health Club Business?

  • Increase in Revenue
  • Reduction in Operational Cost
  • Better Member experience (which in turn leads to increase in revenue)

Every problem statement that you might encounter, will eventually tie back to one of the above three. Agree?

Now, unless there is one centralized platform, to manage, organize, and visualize all of your business operations in one place, you will never be able to eliminate the inefficiencies.
Strong statement, we agree, but we know what we are talking about. Stay with us for a bit more!

Inefficiencies are expensive. And this is where technology comes into the picture.

So now as we are talking about Health Clubs, it would be better to explain and give you a clear picture of why you NEED an all-in-one platform by taking you through an example.

What does a typical journey of a Health Club member look like? Let’s see.

We’ll call her Amanda.

Amanda joins your Health Club. She creates an account on your app, sets her goals, and decides what services she wants to use at the club. So far so good.

Now, you are asking her to download 5 different apps for 5 different services –

  • One for buying and booking a yoga class
  • One for accessing the calendar
  • One for updating daily progress
  • One for buying smoothies at the cafe
  • One for going through the exercises in the library.

That’s the problem! All this is such a hassle! A waste of both time and money.

The current system is broken and disorganised. So your club members are left with a jumbled digital experience. It’s like a big roadblock – making retention a major problem.

If you’re wondering about the other side, even the management doesn’t have it easy. Imagine managing so many different apps for their members and staff! So many man-hours are lost in training and retaining them.

Now imagine this for a moment: A health club running successfully without much human intervention. Everything is automated.

Not that we are undermining the importance of the ‘human element’ in business operations, but what we mean is this to get rid of the inefficiencies and redundancies. To save manpower and manhours.

That’s what Smart Health Clubs is for. Your one stop solution.

The all-in-on app, and the only app you will ever need to run your business. #TrueStory

Once you get onboard, this is what Amanda’s journey will now look like:

Amanda joins the Health Club. She creates a profile on your all-in-one digital app. Enters the club using the barcode. Then she browses through the various club services, selects her goals, and decides what she wants to do. Now, from the same app, she can –

  • Book her yoga or Zumba lessons
  • Grab a smoothie at the cafe
  • Log her daily progress
  • Select a swimming package for her kid
  • Watch live streaming videos
  • Make purchases
  • Refer the app to others, and so much more…

See the difference now? No fuss! Just a smooth, efficient, and super easy process.
Eliminate all unnecessary manpower and resources. Choose the system that aligns with your goals and features and allows you to streamline operations and expand your member base.

Choose Smart Health Clubs.

Here’s why (just for the heads up, it’s gonna be a long ride):

Smart Health Club is a single, all-in-one app that serves as a platform for all your employees and members.

The only app your Health Club needs. Designed and developed by fitness technology entrepreneurs and veteran industry experts, it’s super easy to use for both members and employees. We only have one goal – to create an all-in-one customer engagement platform for Health Clubs. We designed it from the ground up to make the 3 first principles smooth.

  • Maximize your revenue
  • Improve member experience
  • Be a generation ahead of competing utility apps

What’s in store for you:

Our software can create custom iOS and Android applications and can display anything your club needs to exhibit.
No need to integrate different apps now – Find all your content, information and members in one place.
Customize and showcase all your content – from group exercises and fitness training to nutritional plans.
Give your members quick access to Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Tennis, and Group Exercise Classes along with a schedule.
Engage your members and develop excitement through your club’s lively rich social media, messaging, alerts, and reminders.

That’s not all. Smart Health Club offers you numerous features and functionality you need to run your Health Club.

Let’s take you through them:

    1. Improved Brand Recognition for your Club – You get complete custom branding with club colors, fonts, layouts, and icons.

    1. Build your Customized App – Highlight what you focus on and do best. You get rich segment pages with media elements which you can customise however you like. (​​For example, Create a group exercise segment with pictures and videos. List instructors and classes with rich descriptions, photos, videos, and bios along with ratings and reviews, testimonials, and other info).

    1. Booking and Attendance – You get a Booking and Attendance module with the most detailed and customizable booking and cancellation rules, waitlists and layouts, accessible with a single click.

    1. Calendar Functionality – You get separate calendars for each department. Deep link the calendars with class details and instructor bio along with photos, videos, difficulty level and location. Members can easily add any class to their personal calendar.

    1. Instructor Substitution and Payroll – Request, find and track substitutions with automatic payroll updates and many more with a single click. It increases revenue by reducing manpower costs.

    1. Fitness Plans for Better Member Engagement/Experience- Detailed Fitness Plan creation options with custom exercises, workouts, and Fitness Plans with automatic progressions and exercise exchanges. You also get a growing library that includes Fitness Plans and Videos.

    1. Social Media and Push Notifications – Send out posts with photos and videos as push notifications to all club members with simple single-click functionalities. Along with this, you get to create custom interest-based groups that can be filtered and targeted by age and gender in order to capture the most relevant audience.

    1. On-Demand video and Live streaming – You get the ability to watch and save video streamed classes or sessions from your instructor, brought on during the pandemic to let club members workout from home and attend group exercise classes. (By the way, these videos are all behind a paywall)

    1. E-Commerce – Members can hire trainers, enroll in a class, and purchase all your services and products. Trainers and dietitians can create personalized fitness and nutrition plans, and members can purchase them – a great way of monetizing several club functions, again helps to increase revenue.

    1. Nutrition Counseling and Plans – Clubs have the ability to integrate nutrition counseling to increase revenue and provide their members a more holistic and personalized health and fitness plan.

  1. Rich Analytics for the Clubs – Clubs will receive monthly analytics reports – observe trends; clubs can see what their members are interested in (for diet and fitness both) and market accordingly, find which classes are doing well, and effectively improve your club offerings based on data which will eventually lead to reducing operating costs.
  2. Services and Support: Constant support is provided to all club owners and members regarding the product and the features. Super quick revert time by the team and creative solutions are provided to maintain a smooth flow of operations.

Wondering about Non-Dues? We have them too. (Told you, All-in-one)

We know how important non-dues are to you as a source of revenue. Hence, we’ve integrated it in a way that it feels like a natural extension to your already existing services. All to enrich the fitness journey for you and your members, generate revenue opportunities and reduce operating costs for your Health Clubs. Discover more about them here.

What more do you need? We would love to hear from you. Write to with any ideas, comments or suggestions.

About us

Smart Health Club’s all-in-one solution is built by a team of industry veterans from the tech, fitness, and health industries with the goal to deliver engagement to Health Clubs and to help them drive better member retention.

With a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Praveen Kashyap is the company’s CEO and CTO. He is an innovator and entrepreneur with extensive technology experience and holds around 15 US and International Patents.

Mike Alpert, the COO is a former Claremont Club President and CEO. He has experience of 30 years in the fitness and health industry.

Fitness industry veteran Braid Thorp, is the VP of Sales and founder of Netpulse and FIt Linx.

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