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How do you market to your members today? Do you export member lists from your club management software to send promotional emails? Do your members need to fill out forms for new services and then fulfillment is done manually by club staff.

Also, think of the tools you use today for marketing to your members:

Do they help your members sign up and pay for your services with ease and zero friction?

Can your App literally work like your Sales rep 24*7?

Do they help you meet your revenue goals?

Unlike other solutions, our Member Marketing solution is designed to help your health club or gym increase engagement and revenue through your existing members.


Plan and Create campaigns with a few clicks

Your coaches can plan and execute their own campaigns or execute a campaign created by the Director. Create your own campaigns or use our templates. Visually enhance your emails or posts as you want. Send emails right away or schedule your emails and a series of emails for a campaign.

Fine-tune your Segments/Targets

Segment your members based on groups – Default/Public/Private or Membership Tier. Further, filter members by Class, purchase history, Age/Gender and even goals. More importantly, exclude some members who have not checked into the club. Or any other group.

Reach members across multiple channels

Send targeted messages across many channels such as Emails, Posts and Push Notifications. Automate campaigns based on member behavior at every stage, right from the time they join.

Make purchases friction free with Deep Links

Imagine at the bottom of one of your promotion messages, a button saying BUY NOW. And that button leading to the page where the member can buy the service. No more phone calls or emails to make purchases.



Revenue Generation

Promote your offers, your deals, your services with ease. Make the purchase as simple as a click of a button. No lines at the Front Desk. No calls. No email enquiries.

Frictionless Member Onboarding

Run onboarding campaigns for new members over multiple channels. Share content with them. Invite them to a group. Build relationships early on.

Targeted Communication

Target your members with deep linked offers and services to deliver frictionless experience to members and increase revenue.

Multi-channel Campaigns

Use either posts, emails or push notifications or a combination for your campaigns.

Upselling & Non-dues

Grow your non-dues with targeted marketing and selling

Real-time Analytics

Track key analytics in real-time, watch the success or failure of your campaigns, tweak them or make quick pivots to drive the results you are seeking OR Track your campaigns’ performance midstream and make quick pivots

What is unique about our Member Marketing Solution?


Purpose-built for Health Clubs


Only solution designed to target your existing members


Fully-integrated with your member data and offerings


Ability to track multi-channel campaigns in one place

See what one of our customers is saying about our Member Marketing solution.

‘“Digital marketing through our Smart Health Clubs app has allowed us to communicate with our members on a level we haven't been able to before. The ability to communicate to individuals based on purchases, classes taken, or even just their membership type has made a major difference in our ability to boost our member's experience in the club. It pairs perfectly with everything else the app already has!"

Regional Marketing Director, MESA FITNESS Colorado and Gold's Gym Montrose
Dylan Bennett

With our Member Marketing Solution, you can transform your health club into a revenue generation machine.

With our Member Marketing Solution, you can transform your health club into a revenue generation machine.

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