Kevin McHugh

COO, The Atlantic Club

Utilising our Smart Health Clubs App, The Atlantic Club has been able to have a comprehensive reservation system involving all of our pools as well as our live and virtual classes throughout the week.

In the near future, we are working with the Smart Health Clubs team to integrate our new virtual platform as well as additional communication opportunities for our members.

Smart Health Clubs has played an integral role in how we were able to successfully navigate these challenging times with Covid-19.

Lastly, our members embraced the Smart Health Clubs app which has been a major win for the Atlantic Club. From our younger members to our active seniors. Due to its simplicity to understand and ease of use.

Thank You Mike And Praveen!

Aaron Moore

Director, Vida Fitness

Throughout most of the pandemic, VIDA ran 100% of check-ins through the SHC App! Without SHC, we were looking at backup plans, online reservations through our website, etc. that would have placed an unnecessary burden on our members.

We’ve sent push notifications that pop-up on members’ phones to quickly communicate the many changes we’ve faced throughout the pandemic and adjusting our operations back-and-forth. This includes class changes and waitlist management.

SHC is committed to client feedback to fuel their product roadmap and build new modules to best suit the needs of a swiftly evolving industry.

Praveen and team have done extremely well in developing a client-focused software.

Ralph Rajs

COO, FormaGym

So the value of the basic functions of the club continuing to operate seamlessly or even easier than pre-Covid has been an immense value to us; I think that there’s value in the fact that you all have really looked at your software from an operator’s standpoint.

At our one club in Walnut Creek, California we cater to an older population and they were able to execute the change as the younger people which was great to see.

The releases have come very quickly and you know what is great for me is that the release promises have been consistent.

In conclusion, if you were asking me for my NPS, I would give you guys a 10! I’m a promoter for sure, I would highly recommend you to other operators and I would really suggest that other people, you know, take a look and talk to you.

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