Utilising our Smart Health Clubs App, The Atlantic Club has been able to have a comprehensive reservation system involving all of our pools as well as our live and virtual classes throughout the week. In the near future, we are working with the Smart Health Clubs team to integrate our new virtual platform as well as additional communication opportunities for our members.

Smart Health Clubs has played an integral role in how we were able to successfully navigate these challenging times with Covid-19. Lastly, our members embraced the Smart Health Clubs app which has been a major win for the Atlantic Club. From our younger members to our active seniors. Due to its simplicity to understand and ease of use.

Thank You Mike And Praveen!

Throughout most of the pandemic, VIDA ran 100% of check-ins through the SHC App!

Without SHC, we were looking at backup plans, online reservations through our website, etc. that would have placed an unnecessary burden on our members.

We’ve sent push notifications that pop-up on members’ phones to quickly communicate the many changes we’ve faced throughout the pandemic and adjusting our operations back-and-forth. This includes class changes and waitlist management. SHC is committed to client feedback to fuel their product roadmap and build new modules to best suit the needs of a swiftly evolving industry.

Praveen and team have done extremely well in developing a client-focused software.





We really love the app. We started after COVID.

We started with having members book classes and having all of our instructors use the app for substitutions.

If an instructor needed a sub, they would send an email out to 90 people. And then everybody was replying all and, you know, it was hard to keep track of all that information with all the different emails coming in, and who could do what when. And so the app has absolutely simplified the process for us, especially with instructor substitutions.

Most of the time, I have at least one instructor that, like within 30 seconds, pops in and says I’ll do it.

A lot of my instructors have put little pictures in the app – It’s been terrific because members know ahead of time, what and who to expect. Knowing who their instructors are has created a bond between the members and instructors because they actually know each other’s names now.

Also, The Booking Module is awesome, it is so seamless. It made it very easy to keep track of who got into class, see reports on who booked when, the cancellations and it has worked out great!

I can communicate with my members and let them know if classes are canceled or moved to another part of the facility. Members are often messaging me saying, hey, such and such taught a great class today. So I’m getting more interaction with members that’s really easy to respond to. And I feel like it keeps everybody more connected.

Anything that I’ve had any struggles or problems with has been resolved so quickly, they get back to me right away, the response time for getting things fixed, or getting things changed has been awesome. They’re very responsive. And things have been moving along just so well. And so easily, it’s been great.

In the app, we extensively use the calendar functionality, especially for Group Ex and training programs for personal trainers. A year ago we started calendar functionality for racquetball, which allows them to book a spot through the app, which is great. It alleviated a lot at the front desk, reduced manual error, it’s one less thing we have to train our staff on, it allows ease of use for the members as well because they can do it from the comfort of their couch if they want – they don’t have to call in and talk to anyone.




OPERATION MANAGER - ProMedica ForeverFit

Smart Health Clubs was able to provide solutions for booking lap lanes and group exercise classes, and then helped us quickly jump into the new world of live steaming group exercise classes.

It was something we needed quickly and they were able to deliver. The members especially like the lap lane reservation. Earlier, they had to stand and wait for a lap lane to be open in the pool. They never knew when they were going to be able to get in and swim. Now they know exactly which time slot is theirs. The Virtual Group Exercise module was also well received, the members love the convenience of having their instructors’ classes live-streamed on the App. Also, we now know who is taking what class, we know their demographic. And it helps us better organize our Group Ex schedule.

The data we’re going to receive from the App on our membership is also going to help us with creating better programming.

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