Place classes, summer camps, clinics – anything- behind a paywall. Run purchases through Stripe or a Billing Company.
Members can book any piece of equipment or resource like a specific spin bike or spot or lane.
Instructor Substitution
Single click actions to request for substitutes, find substitutes, track substitution progress and approve substitutes on a Mobile and Web App.
Automatic updates to Calendar, Payroll and Payroll Report creation.
Marketing Campaigns
Targeting options that are integrated with member details, tiers, bookings, check ins and interests.
Custom E-Mails, Push Notifications and Group posts within a single menu.
Campaigns can lead to a purchase page directly making your app work like a revenue generation machine.
Fitness Plans
Trainers create custom Workouts and Fitness Plans with custom weights, rep counts and rest periods using over 400 exercises with videos and instructions on the platform.
Trainers add their clients and assign Workouts and Fitness Plans to each client, monitor a client’s activity and communicate with them on the platform.
Clubs price and sell these Fitness Plans and Workouts to all members on the platform.
Members can review trainer profiles, book and pay for a PT session.
Trainers create appointments for clients and send clients payment links for the appointment using the platform.
Members can track their sessions on the platform.
Members can book courts, find and invite partners.
Match Arranging feature allows members to find new friends/partners automatically using Tennis Ratings.
Clubs can conduct Tennis Clinics, let members book programs and pay for them on the app without any friction.
Members can hire a tennis pro, pay for them and set up an appointment at a court on the app.
All courts and availability are managed automatically based on clinics, pro appointments and court bookings.
Web App
The Web App allows members almost all the functionality as the Mobile App such as change Profile information, view group posts, view calendars, instructors and classes of every department, make bookings and cancellations, make purchases and track sessions, and view On Demand Videos.
Integrated Solution
Since SHC is an integrated member app, all member data can sit in one app and multiple contact lists do not need to be maintained.
Targeting is easy from a marketing perspective, since SHC already has member data such as past bookings, past purchases, check ins, interests.
Onboarding and Service
A well-defined 6 week onboarding process with weekly checkin calls and reverse shadowing.
Clearly defined Training Plan with outcomes and quizes.
The average issue resolution time is less than 24 hours.
24*7 tech support (limited support on weekends and public holidays).
No lock in period. Exit anytime without penalty.