Latest Fitness and Wellness Tech


Latest Fitness and Wellness Tech

With the world going in and out of lockdowns due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that technology is gradually making its way into people’s exercise routines – getting more innovative and better every time.
People are more interested than ever before in learning more about their entire wellness – which includes everything from working out and eating properly to mindfulness and sleep quality.
They want to get a real-time picture of their health, especially when they are not under the watchful eye of their trainer or doctor.
fitness technology.
Gone are the days when people only had smartwatches to keep a check on their fitness journey. The industry has geared up since then. 
Today, we have new fitness and wellness technology coming out every day to make our lives healthier and better.
From wearables to smart clothes, smart sunglasses, VR and even Smart Yoga Mats enhance your repertoire of workouts with these incredible innovations:

Fitness Tech


Wearable Tech


1. Fitness Tracker


Fitness Trackers have become pretty common these days. In fact, there’s a high chance you must be wearing one right now.
With this increase in competition, fitness companies now try to bring innovation and new features with every watch they launch. 
A fitness tracker is more than just a fashion piece these days. There is something for everyone. It provides useful information to individuals who are serious about improvement and growth.
Different from the wrist-based tracker, a fitness tracker can be worn on other parts of the body. It can track your heart rate, breathing rate, brain activity, and muscle function – providing rapid feedback, allowing you to get the most out of every workout. They go beyond what smartwatches may provide.

2. Smart Rings


Don’t want to wear a Smartwatch? How about a Smart Ring then? 
Smart Ring, which can be worn on your finger, of course, provides signals in the form of light or vibrations to alert users to the parameters they’ve set.
Some smart rings use integrated sensors and NFC chips to collect data on sleep patterns and act as peripheral devices to support mobile devices.
The most popular smart ring, Oura Ring, generates three basic scores that show your activity level, sleep quality, and “readiness” for action – all while wearing it around your finger.

3. Smart Sunglasses


We were as surprised as you to see how far technology has come – with the launch of Smart Sunglasses. Smart sunglasses combine the greatest of sun protection with cutting-edge technology.
You get a wireless microphone, bone-conduction audio input, and cellphone reception, followed by a camera lens, hands-free voice searches via Alexa or Siri, and an on-lens digital overlay of text and images, all controlled by a CPU located on the sunglass frame.
It shows you real-time data items directly in your field of vision – Battery life, Stopwatch, Heart rate, Pace, Distance, Elevation and Average Speed.
Feels like some hi-tech technology straight out of a movie scene, right? 

4. Wearable ECG Monitors


Technology made its way into the medical field to provide us with revolutionary devices – one of them being the Wearable ECG monitor.
A Wearable ECG monitor, as the name suggests, has the capacity to measure electrocardiograms or ECGs. 
It detects blood flow by penetrating the skin with flashing LEDs. The sensors catch light that is reflected off the flow of blood.
The algorithm then goes to work converting that into a heart rate estimate. The wearable can also track pace, distance, and elevation, as well as walking, running, swimming and bicycling automatically.
This helps doctors, machines, or wearables to gain a better understanding of how your heart works – and to detect any irregularities.
Basically, it can tell you your heart rate (how fast), rhythm (how regular), the state of your conduction system and muscle tissue (heart attacks), and even the quantity of specific substances in your blood, such as potassium, as well as the influence of medicines. 

5. Wearable Blood Pressure Monitors


Another revolutionary device in the medical field is the Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor. It looks just like any other smartwatch and works in a similar way to any other oscillatory blood pressure monitor – restricting the blood flow by inflating an internal bladder.
They have a small size and huge transflective LCD screen which shows you your most recent blood pressure reading, current pulse rate, amount of steps completed, sleep quality and date and time.
It’s not a touch screen but you can control all the device’s functionalities via three buttons on the side.
This is a boon for people dealing with hypertension – can save so many lives.

6. Biosensors

A biosensor is a new type of wearable gadget that differs significantly from wristbands and smartwatches.
They have printed electronics, usually available as self-adhesive patches that can read essential information such as heart rate, respiration rate, brain activity, and muscle function while being worn directly on your skin.
According to Augusta University Medical Center research, this wearable gadget reduced patient progression into avoidable cardiac or respiratory arrest by 89%. That’s amazing, right? To see how technology is making our lives better.

7. Smart Clothing


Don’t wanna wear Smartwatches, Smart Sunglasses or Biosensors? No issues. You have Smart Clothing now. 
Smart Clothing provides a variety of tracking options for the body – all with sensors. Unlike watches, wear them all over without feeling uncomfortable.
Yoga trousers that vibrate to promote activity; Shirts that track heart rate and intensity – these are just a few examples. These clothes also track and evaluate muscle activity as well as movements.
They do this in real-time and deliver the information directly to your phone. As they can also be fitted with biosensors, the possibilities for improvement become endless.

Non – Wearable Tech


8. Noise machine

There are a lot of distractions and interruptions now that we’re doing a lot of things at home — from kids learning online to the deafening sound of stillness.
Stress and anxiety levels have increased especially post-pandemic. People have trouble sleeping peacefully, they look for ways to calm down or clear their minds.
Many people even leave the TV on to assist them to sleep. But this is not the right solution. In fact, it can lead to poorer sleep. 
Why not let a White Noise Machine help you sleep better by creating a more calming sleep environment that encourages healthy, high-quality sleep?
It will block out the world for some peace of mind. Beneficial for both day and night. Just switch it on and relax for a bit.

9. Online Coaching

Online Coaching has become a common sight in many industries. Many fitness instructors now provide digital training/online coaching options, especially post-pandemic.
Even the members are increasingly looking for services that can accommodate their schedules, rather than a Club with set hours. Online coaching thrives in this area.
Services are frequently provided at a lower cost (than their physical competitors), and they can be made available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making them an increasingly appealing choice for many.
This is also a useful tool for those who are afraid of going to the Health Club. It can also bring in a whole new set of clients to the fitness business.

10. Machine Technology

Smart Technology is bringing at-home fitness up to par with in-class fitness. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to cycle, lift weights, or even row in your living room with a world-class trainer.
It provides monitors for those who use stationary bikes or treadmills at home. These monitors broadcast live or on-demand workouts and provide users with custom options based on their preferences. 
Users can select whether or not to sync their exercises to global leaderboards, which adds a fun element of competitiveness to the experience.
It works on a subscription model where you have to pay fees every month to access unlimited classes and unlimited household accounts. 
It’s a great way to stay fit if you’re not comfortable going to the gym for any reason.

11. Smart Trainers

We’ve all practised exercising in front of the TV, it’s nothing new. But what about having this technology incorporated into your television clubbed with AI in your at-home fitness equipment. Now that’s the game-changer, right? 
Easier to use with no cumbersome machinery to be put in place. Don’t even need to fiddle around with your phone or tablet to use an app. AI support is available on your television anytime you need it.
But how does it work? The screen on the Smart Trainer shows a workout video on the left and a live stream of you conducting the workout on the right.
The Smart Trainer employs motion-detecting AI to count reps, estimate calorie burn, and coach form accuracy during each exercise, in addition to allowing you to examine your form in real-time.
It also gives you feedback after each lesson and maintains note of the types of workouts you enjoy and the intensity at which you generally undertake them. This additional supervision may help to prevent bad form, injury, and overexertion.

12. Virtual Reality

When we think about VR, the first thing that comes to our mind is games, isn’t it? Who thought VR can make its way into the fitness industry? It’s fun, interactive and really engaging.
Virtual reality fitness immerses individuals in a new, virtual workout environment in which their bodies act as the controller.
That means that if your avatar needs to punch someone in a boxing game, you’ll be doing so in real life as well. And this is quickly becoming a popular tool in the fitness industry.
Calorie trackers, different game modes, and interactive features all help to encourage high levels of activity. 
Virtual Reality has already been adopted by hundreds of Health Clubs around the world. With activities ranging from yoga to boxing, it appears that your possibilities are nearly limitless.
Whichever activity you select, it’ll undoubtedly get you up and moving, especially if you’re the competitive sort.

Wellness Tech

13. Sleep Tracker

Might come across as a little creepy, but this amazing technology is getting popular these days.
Sleep Trackers track a user’s sleep cycle throughout the night using movement and sound analysis via their phone or a smart home device, with no wearables required.
It provides metrics about the length and quality of your sleep but does not rely on a sensor in the same way that a smartwatch does. Rather, it has high-precision motion detectors to keep an eye on you while you sleep. 
When a Sleep Tracker detects that users are sleeping at their lightest, it will wake them up with the knowledge it has gathered, allowing them to wake up feeling less exhausted.
It also includes a comprehensive sleep analysis to assist the users in learning how to sleep better.
Would you go for it?

14. Calming/Meditation apps

One beautiful and helpful technology we’re all thankful for is the Calming and Meditation apps. Probably the easiest to access. There are many such apps available for you to use today, like Headspace, Calm and InnerHour.
These meditation, mindfulness and self-care apps aim to make users happier and healthier.
These apps guide you through meditation and help improve your attention span.  Your average session length, total time spent meditating, and a total number of sessions completed are among the information you’ll receive.
You can even get unlimited self-help and mental health resources. 
Why not try them for yourself? They are free.

15. Smart Yoga Mats

We saw Smart Watches, Smart Clothes and even Smart Sunglasses. Now we have Smart Yoga Mats. Yes.
Unlike traditional stretching mats, these Smart Yoga Mats come with a smart mat, a camera-equipped bar, interactive handles, and a smartphone app – allowing you to stretch in a connected environment for better body posture and wellness.
The camera sensor detects your posture and delivers real-time feedback.
You would be pushed through missions, goals, and points in order to maintain a sensation of accomplishment. This makes stretching such a fun activity. 

16. Interactive Wall

Sick of YouTube exercises? Not ready to return to the gym? Try the Interactive Wall.
This new and innovative tech product is around 40-foot (12-meter) long and 5-foot (1.5-meter) tall – built for contact sports such as squash and football.
The Interactive Wall offers many games, workouts, training programmes, team challenges, and can detect up to 1,200 simultaneous contact points.
Workouts can be created with the help of software and saved on the wall to keep you going. So cool, right? 
Now you know, you have a plethora of options for achieving fitness and wellness. All Health Clubs will need to adapt to accommodate these advancements if they want to keep up. This is where exactly our SHC software comes in and rescue you from all these worries. Check out 7 benefits of a Health Club Software and transform your Health Clubs now.
But these innovations are only the beginning of how the industry will change in the future years. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have grown in importance as a result of modern technologies.

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