Marketing Campaigns Solution from SHC : Advantages over other solutions for Health Clubs & Gyms

Marketing Campaigns Solution from SHC : Advantages over other solutions for Health Clubs & Gyms

Think of all the digital marketing tools you use at your club/gym today. How effective are they when it comes to marketing to your existing members? Do they allow you to onboard new members with a series of relevant and well-timed messages across multiple channels?

  • Do they limit your targeting ability? Do you manually export member lists from one tool to another for sending a simple email. Do you have to manually keep updating lists of members interested in let us say something like Yoga or Pilates?
  • How do you manage your CTAs? Do you make your members first fill up forms, and then get your staff to fulfil the CTAs manually?
  • What sort of messaging options do you have? Are you able to send push notifications and posts on the App or on social media?
  • Do you get cohesive analytics reports that can tell you the effectiveness of your campaigns?

Overall, does it help you increase your engagement and revenue?

If you don’t have confident and positive answers to these questions, the reason might be that the tools you use today for marketing members are generic and not designed for health clubs or gyms. Plus, using multiple tools translate into an inconsistent member experience and more work for you and your team.

SHC’ focus is Member Engagement Software for full-service Health Clubs. We have solutions for Booking, Instructor Sub, Video On Demand, Live Streaming, Fitness Plans, Purchases and more.

And we set out to design a specific solution for Marketing Campaigns. One solution for all your Marketing Campaigns needs. One solution that delivers a consistent, frictionless experience for your members.

The clear advantages of our solution are:-

Revenue Generation: Promote your offers, your deals, your services with ease. Make the purchase as simple as a click of a button. No lines at the Front Desk. No calls. No email enquiries. In our software you do this with the help of Deep Links. This is how they work: Imagine at the bottom of one of your messages, a button saying BUY NOW. And that button leading to the page where the member can buy the service. Combining this ability with the Purchases ability of our software gives you unsurpassed ability to promote and monetize your offerings and capacity; upsell and focus on non-dues.

Frictionless Member Onboarding using multiple channels: You can run onboarding campaigns for new members over multiple channels, such as email or posts on the Club App. Using this solution, you can share content with them, invite them to a group and build relationships from early on.

Multiple Segmentation and Targeting Options: You can segment your members based on groups – Default/Public/Private or Membership Tier. Further, filter by members by Class, purchase history, Age/Gender and even goals. More importantly, exclude some members who have not checked into the club, or exclude any other group.

Campaign planning and creation: Your coaches can plan and execute their own campaigns or execute a campaign created by the Director. You can create your own campaigns or use our templates. These campaigns can include multiple channels like posts, emails, push notifications. You can visually enhance your emails or posts as you want; send emails right away or schedule your emails and a series of emails for a campaign.

Real-time Analytics: You can track key analytics in real-time, watch the success or failure of your campaigns, tweak them or make quick pivots to drive the results you are seeking. Or, you can track your campaigns’ performance midstream and make quick pivots. Unlike other solutions, with our Marketing Campaigns solution, your campaign data will be fully-integrated with your member data and offerings, and you will have the ability to track multi-channel campaigns in one place, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

To sum up:

Our solution is designed and purpose built to target your existing members, and increase engagement and revenue through your existing members. In fact, you can use this feature to transform your health club into a revenue generation machine. Join our live webinar on 4th October to know more.

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